The Trails Club of Oregon is an active member of the Federation of Western Outdoors Clubs with a strong commitment to the environment and the hiking community.

The monthly work weekends at Nesika are about more than maintenance of a club lodge. Club members maintain the Cougar Rock Trail, which connects the Larch Mountain Trail, Elevator Shaft and Cougar Rock as well as several smaller trails in the Multnomah Basin.

Nesika work weekends include maintaining the entire length of Upper Palmer Mill and Basin roads, from the Larch Mountain snow gate to the lodge parking lot. In 1916 we removed 10 large firs that had fallen across and blocked this road. These roads are used not only by the club but by Multnomah County Search and Rescue to gain quick access to upper sections of the Foxglove, 420, 420c and 441 trails and to access training areas they use near the old brown gate on Palmer Mill Road. The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and the US Forest Service also use the roads.

Lost hikers

Nesika has served as shelter for more than one lost hiker and likely saved a few lives. We maintained a lost hiker box containing food, a stove, candles and other emergency supplies as well and an emergency shelter. Both were destroyed in the Eagle Creek fire. Phone numbers posted at the lodge give lost hikers numbers to call for help or directions.

Annual Backpack Seminar

Nesika’s yearly backpack seminar, open to all members of the hiking community, features presentations by world class long distance hikers as well as classes to teach new skills to backpackers at all experience levels.


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