Nesika is “Home in the gorge” for the Trails Club of Oregon.  It is located on the rim of the Columbia River gorge surrounded by the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The main lodge, a stone and log structure mainly built by club members, provides day facilities including a full kitchen centered around a wood burning range, a spacious dining hall, game areas, and plenty of space to sit around the fireplace.

old nesikaThe original Nesika Lodge was built in 1923 shortly after the club’s founding in 1915.  This simple log building served the club well for many years, but time and nature finally won out. After over 60 years of use the old log cabin was no longer fit for use and plans were made to replace it.
Work began on the current log and stone building in 1990, and dedication took place in 1997. The new lodge has a masonry base with a log roof structure.Nesika Lodge

The main lodge was supported by two bunk room style dormitories that provided 3 separate sleeping areas each sleeping up to 20 people. These were destroyed in the Eagle Creek fire in early September, 2017.

Nesika is normally reached by trail. The more scenic approach starts from the Columbia River highway at Multnomah Falls just 30 miles from Portland. The route follows Multnomah Creek with its many waterfalls and cascades, then cuts through Multnomah Basin and a tall timbered area, a total distance of about four miles. The other main approach is by road via Palmer Mill road near Larch Mountain, then by trail. The road is gated so you must have a key to drive in.

Nesika Lodge is owned and maintained by
The Trails Club of Oregon
PO Box 69061
Portland, OR 97239-0061


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