2019 Work Trips

May, 2019: TCO members and volunteers planted 1300 tree seedlings on the ridges and slopes around Nesika. The seedlings are a mix of douglas fir, hemlock and ponderosa pine.

Work continued on repairs to the water tank and the water system. The generator is back online.

June, 2019: The water tank now has a shut off valve to prevent it from draining when power is off and no water is being pumped to the top of the hill. Volunteers watered the newly planted tree seedlings, painted the generator shed and painting began on the lodge cupola.

July 2019: The tree seedlings benefited from a week of rain and are doing well.  The John Deere  was cut into pieces and hauled out, as were the damaged doors to the Redwing basement.  The basement is now cleaned of debris.  The lodge cupola has been repainted and more improvements were made to the water system.

August 2019:  Preparations began to rebuild the two outhouses.  Locating the Redwing outhouse was tricky due to fallen trees and high brush, but now both sites have been clear and holes dug.  We’ll need permits from the county before construction can begin.  Work continued on the water system electrical.

September 2019:  The Redwing outhouse, destroyed by fire, is replaced with a structure that was partially built off site and then assembled on site.  Quick work!


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