2018 Work weekends

The Forest Service has approved limited work trip access to the lodge this summer!  We must go in as a group and access will be limited to scheduled work weekends only.  Lodge chair Glen Conrad will open the gate on Larch Mountain Road each work weekend at 9 am on Friday and Saturday mornings and 6:00 PM Saturday evening.  Only high clearance 4WD/AWD vehicles may drive in.

Schedule for Work Trips:
May 18th – 20th
June 22nd-24th
July 20th -22nd
Aug 17th-19th
Sept 14th-16th
Oct 19th-21st
We could use the following donations:
Rock rakes
Saws; power and hand saws
5 gallon buckets
Shovels; round nose and square nose
Respirator Masks
Splitting mauls, wedges, etc
Limb Loppers
Limb saws.
For work trips you will need to bring:  bed pad to sleep on, sleeping bag, tent (optional), Gloves.  Registration will be done through the Trails Club Meetup site:

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