Around the lodge

Years of work by Trails Club members to clear brush and Vine Maple from the hillsides above the lodge probably saved Nesika Lodge from burning.   Fire crept to the very edges of the building, but amazingly the lodge survived.

Looking towards the east. The hill behind Nesika was once covered in brush and Vine Maple, but club members cleared most of it in recent years to create a fire break.
Rock hauler
The rock hauler is untouched!
The propane tank cage and the tanks inside remained intact.
Rear porch
Burning embers melted holes in the back porch roof, but none of them landed in a spot where they could set the wooden supports on fire.
Water tank
The small water tank is undamaged!
Women's From East
View from the east.
The moat around the back of the lodge may have saved Nesika from burning.

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