Approach to the lodge

These photos were taken by Glen Conrad, longtime Nesika trustee, who has devoted decades of work to this special place.  Glen was escorted to the site by Forest Service staff on October 5, 2017.  Fires continue to smolder in the area, trees and rocks are falling on roadways and trails, and Nesika remains off limits.

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Basin Road
The Basin Road, just above the green gate. The shady canopy is gone and none of the trees have green needles.
Monster Trail
The Monster Trail (tractor road) just above the Nesika parking area.
At the top of the ridge, where the hiking trail down to the lodge breaks away from the tractor road.
First view of the lodge while walking down the tractor road.
Water tank
The 1500 gallon water tank at the top of the hill melted down into a large disc
The ridge to the east of the lodge where club members often camped during good weather.
View of Nesika from the ridge to the east. The remains of Redwing can be seen in the background.
Above Waespe
The ridge just above Waespe Point and to the east of the tractor road
Viewpoint Trail
The trail to the viewpoint. Before the fire, this area was carpeted in Oregon grape and ferns.


Burned benches on the viewpoint.
The view from Waespe Point looking over Oneonta canyon.


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